Sarah Bailey Cartoonist and Caricaturist.
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Putting it out there!

From Chrysalis to Caricaturist - A talk for small to medium groups..but definitely not the O2 Arena!

I've been broken in by the toughest of audiences ......yes .......The WI, I'm nearly word perfect at singing 'Jerusalem'!   I am up to facing anyone now!

Caricature Workshops and Group Talks


School Caricaturing Workshops

I am now offering school workshops on how to do caricatures. Something that will fit into any curriculum but works well in a scheduled art week.

Caricature Workshops for SchoolsIt is aimed at key stage 2 age group and I normally have about 30 taking the workshop but I'm happy to do two sessions in one day. The session would last about two hours.

I give a very brief history, and I work with your interactive white board showing artwork with fun instruction. I quickly get them drawing.

I start off with subjects that aren't actually in the classroom so that they get used to drawing caricatures without upsetting anybody and start to have fun with it.

I am very clear about the fact caricatures are not to be taken seriously.

I roll out long pieces of lining paper so the children can sit opposite each other on long tables and enjoy watching each other's work. I call this my doodle sheet.

They start by drawing in pencil first but then I will give them each a sharpie and a brush pen to try.

Caricature Workshops for Schools Caricature Workshops for Schools Caricature Workshops for Schools

I hope I've sparked your interest - for more information on School classes and a video of a school workshop in action please e-mail me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Caricaturing Workshop for Adult Art Groups and Clubs

Caricature Workshops and Group TalksAllow me to take over your art class ,club meeting  or office fun day - I offer a 2 hour tutorial on how to draw caricatures.

I set you exercises and we really have fun learning that special caricaturists way to look at a face.

You'll never be able to sit on public transport again without looking and analysing that strangers face in front of you!

Try out different pens and if there's time have a pic done by a seasoned caricaturist/anarchist.

Caricature by Caricaturist Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey
5 Manor Barton, Chiselborough,
Somerset, TA14 6TZ,
England, UK

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Caricature by Caricaturist Sarah Bailey